Retail Jewellery India Award 2011

Our bangle is an expression of an individual’s life, specifically designed for the contemporary Woman of India who wishes to create and retain her individuality and stand tall amidst the crowd. The design draws its inspiration from the various events, experiences, emotions, occurrences and memories that fill her life. This BANGLE is simply a BOOK which unveils the pages of her LIFE that “Someday everything will make PERFECT sense, so for now laugh at the confusion and smile through the tides, because there is ALWAYS a reason to CELEBRATE!”
A unique, classy and wearable design which infuses freshness and festive gold colour that blends well with the Indian festive celebration
Stone: Rubies and Kundan
Yellow Gold with antique finish.

Solitaire Awards 2011

Item: Bangle


Category: DAILY WEAR


Caption: Flaming Blue Fantasy


Inspiration: Blue Cornflower (national flower of Estonia & Germany)


Description: Blue invokes romance, passion and eternity. “Flaming Blue Fantasy” is inspired by the song of love expressed by the Blue Cornflower (endangered species). Studded with diamonds in white gold with rich hues of blue enameling, the flower charms to capture your heart as it blooms to glory in the sun’s radiance, depicted by the golden filigree hollow ball. It takes you to a magical fantasy paradise by secreting a mesmerizing floral fragrance (golden ball filled with floral aroma) that keeps you soaked. The flexible band with criss-cross lines and diamonds are used as an embellishment. They denote the twinkle & happiness expressed when one is in love.


INSPIRATION: Mughal Rendezvous 🙂
DESCRIPTION: This rustic golden cuff draws inspiration from the grandeur of the Mughal Era architecture.
The unique shape of this bangle is its star attraction. It depicts the huge door frames with beautiful latticework. The different coloured kundan – pink, green & white are used as embellishment and the kundan flower design at the center acts as a hidden clasp.
The style is bold and naturalistic, mixed with a diverse expression of royal gold splash & panelled kundan motifs. Truly set to make a style statement with its grandeur presence on your hands.


CAPTION: Mughal Rendezvous
Pair of rustic gold bracelet with kundan weighing 243.00gms. Green & pink kundan floral rosette at the center with hidden clasp.
Tastefully designed to suit Indian outfits, the design is elegant and wearable on any occassion.